Welcome to RB Taxation Services

RB Taxation Services is a specialist practice with particular expertise in personal and capital taxation. With experience both inside and outside of HM Revenue & Customs, we are happy to advise regarding tax problems as well as to help clients with their tax returns. We welcome the opportunity to advise clients not only when they have incurred liabilities but also when they are contemplating transactions, want someone to review advice already given or are simply looking ahead.

At RB Taxation Services, we aim to help clients to claim relevant deductions and reliefs available within the law and to provide tax advice which is tailored to suit their particular circumstances. We like to propose solutions which fit the needs and personality of those involved and we recognise that, even at similar stages of life, people have different aspirations and financial priorities.

About Us

The practice was established more than 20 years ago when, from premises in London, we worked for clients in both the Home Counties and the local area. Since that time, we have specialised, to some extent, in personal taxation, including advising in connection with capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Each member of our technical team has a background in taxation and, between them, they have more than 40 years’

experience in the profession. Prior to this, they acquired considerable knowledge and practical understanding of the workings of HM Revenue & Customs in the Capital Taxes Office and income tax office of HMRC and, in addition, they undertook relevant studies and examinations. Of course, taxation is an ever-changing field and the firm’s policy is to encourage learning and training in order to keep up to date.

Latest News

Budget 2018: a calculated risk?

It may be asked if the Chancellor took too much for granted when designing his Budget proposals.  A lot may depend not only on how the economy performs over the next few months but also on how well the government weathers the current storm and what proves to be the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations…

But turning to details, your particular circumstances and the practical implications on you and your tax position, you may have some questions or want a helping hand…

If you would like a copy of the firm’s Budget summary booklet, please telephone or send an email to the address below, giving your name and postal address.

Our Services

Capital Gains Computations & Reliefs

Capital Gains
Computations & Reliefs

  • We prepare calculations or estimates based on information provided by you (this would include advice requested in connection with a prospective transaction)

  • we advise you regarding any relevant claims, elections or reliefs which may be available

  • if requested, we advise you regarding the entries required on your tax return

  • or, if we are preparing the return, we complete the relevant entries and prepare any necessary claims or elections

Tax Return Completion

Tax Return

  • we prepare tax returns for a wide variety of clients: we use information provided by you or supplied by third parties in order to complete the returns for your approval

  • we try to ensure a high level of accuracy in order to assist you in complying with your obligations and minimise the risk of enquiries

  • we calculate your liabilities under self-assessment and advise you thereon

  • we advise you regarding any relevant claims or elections which may be needed and, from time to time, we may make suggestions to minimise future tax liabilities or improve tax-efficiency as a result of a review of your tax position

Inheritance Tax Considerations

Inheritance Tax

  • following a request from you, we should be happy to review your assets, how these are held and the potential liability of your estate to inheritance tax

  • Our review would take into account also your current needs and your current income including pensions, income from business interests, investments and/or property, as well as the estimated capital values of the assets mentioned above

  • we should then discuss with you possible actions which you might wish to take in order to carry out your estate plan effectively and mitigate the potential liability

  • if appropriate, we might refer you to financial advisers or other specialists (e.g. if legal work is required)

Negotiations with HM Revenue & Customss

Negotiations with
HM Revenue & Customs

  • we are happy to advise you if you have received an enquiry or some other communication from HM Revenue & Customs

  • our approach would depend on the nature of the enquiry and this would be discussed with you

  • we should then need to establish any relevant facts and, if appropriate, to prepare a report or draft reply to HMRC for your approval

  • we should then respond and, if necessary, negotiate with HMRC on your behalf

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